Meet the Makers

   Cooper & Bailey's drew its roots from a Mother Daughter duo out of Pinehurst, NC. The two always loved fashion, but their strong-willed nature made these two the MOST difficult shoppers, knowing exactly what they wanted and what they were willing to pay for it. Upon Meghan's graduation from North Carolina State University, the duo decided to drive their passions and hard-to-please wardrobe idiosyncrasies into an online business. With a little encouragement from their favorite verse,




"She is CLOTHED in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future,"            

                                                                               Proverbs 31:25 


With a whole lotta prayer (and pinot), the two took a leap of faith and put their passion to reality. Combining brand names you know and love, with fun trendy fillers, we want to vamp up your wardrobe to its fullest potential. Online shopping can be a hassle, and it's our daily goal to eliminate this problem for fashion go-ers everywhere. We're just getting started so come shop with us!!


   We can't forget our Cooper & Bailey, without them we'd be nameless! These two gave their furry love in approval in advancing the owner's dreams. 


Me & Mama



Our story is always evolving thanks to the Good Lord above, want to read more since our 3 year anniversary?? Read here ;)



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