DIY Marbled Stationary

SAY WHAT?? Normally my Pinterest DIY's are total failures. When I saw this post about marbling/tie-dying/watercoloring (whatevering) your own paper with shaving cream and food coloring, I thought, if all else fails it'll be fun to play with a lot shaving cream I guess....BUT IT WORKS!

You'll need:

  • Heavy Paper/Stationary...I used regular 8.5x11 cardstock cut in half
  • Foam Shaving Cream...I used generic wal mart brand, just make sure it isn't gel!
  • A wide plastic bucket/box
  • Food Coloring...use whatever color you'd like
  • Silicone Spatula (to fold food coloring)
  • A ruler or wide spatula (to scrape excess shaving cream)
  • can do tasks in between but start to finish it takes about 40ish minutes!

1. Start by filling your you shallow bucket or box with the shaving cream. Try to cover the surface area of the box, because you will be pressing down your paper onto the cream.

2. Add a couple drops of your food coloring in different spots of the shaving cream. Gently fold in the coloring, but don't mix/fold too much or you'll lose the pattern!

3. Take your card stock or heavy weight stationary and gently set it down on the shaving cream. Press down slightly, but not fully submerged, just enough to cover the entire front side. Hold for about 3 seconds, not too long so as not to get the paper too wet!

4. Gently lift the paper out of the box by the corner and lay on a flat surface (cover with wax paper or something similar to not make a huge mess!) Take your ruler or wide spatula, starting from the top, and slowly wipe away the excess shaving cream. You can also use a slightly moistened paper towel to remove any extra shaving cream along the edges.

5. Let the paper dry for about 10ish minutes. The edges will start to curl up, just lay underneath a heavy book or something similar until the paper's able to lay flat, and voila!!

 Make personalized note cards, have them matted as a part of a gallery wall, the possibilities are endless!



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