Capri Blue d i y

Capri Blue d i y

As if our favorite Capri Blue candles in themselves weren't enough, we've got a fantastic DIY for you to recycle those gorgeous jars!

Simply burn your candle down as usual, towards the end of the wick, pour the wax out while it's still hott; alternatively, you can freeze the wax & pop-out the excess.

Gather your fav little succulents or any other green thing, add a bit of soil, & voila! A gorgeous centerpiece or that extra touch your coffee table's been needin'

Capri Blue DIY



You can also empty your jars and use them as vanity containers for makeup brushes, cotton balls, etc.

Grab some vino & let yo' creative juices flow, the possibilities are endless with these fab jars doing double duty with their uses :)

How will you reuse your candle jars? Comment below!


xoxo Meg


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